5 Easy Ways to Optimise Content
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Creating great content is just the start of the content marketing cycle. Are you guilty of creating a simple blog, publishing it and maybe posting a post or two on social media and that’s where it stops?

Don’t waste all of your hard work, by not fully optimising your content to attract new readers organically to your website.

Get potential customer to spend more time on your site and nurture them towards converting.

Here are 5 simple and easy ways to optimise your content for attraction, nurturing and conversion:


  1. SEO - optimising your content, whether it be web pages or blog posts, is an essential step to ensure that you start attracting potential customers organically.  Identify the key words that you want to target with your content, set your meta description, tags and alt tags on images.  Use a tool like Yoast SEO for WordPress to give your guidance.
  2. Social Sharing - Include social buttons within your posts, or use a plugin like Click to Tweet so that readers can easily share useful soundbites or the entire article with like minded people.


  1. Sign post popular content - Include 1 or 2 links midway through your content to direct readers to other popular posts and your corner stone content to continue to build your expert reputation with the reader and build authority.
  2. Suggest related content - Adding pathway links to 2 or 3 other related blog posts at the end of your blog or web page helps the reader know where to go next and what their next steps should be.


  1. Add your lead magnet CTA -  In order to keep growing your list and move potential customers into the next stage of the buyers journey add a clear call to action (CTA) to your content. It could be a related worksheet or free download or your main lead magnet.  The bottom of your content, in side banners, top ad banner space or even as a pop up are perfect spaces for a clear CTA.

Continuing these 5 best practices for each piece of content you create will help you build up your SEO ranking to attract more traffic and will begin to create a fruitful nurture programme.

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