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Depression and anxiety is something I have experienced and have to battle with daily.  As an entrepreneur with depression, I not only overcome the same challenges that other business women face, but I also have to work hard to keep my mental health issues in check.  I am starting a content series on my blog and social media to start an open and honest conversation about mental illness and being an entrepreneur. I want to hear the stories of amazing women who have mental health struggles and have managed to build their own successful business.  
I hope that the series will inspire, support and motivate other women with the same struggles, to feel empowered to create their own freedom business and to work towards a future where their mental illness no longer defines or controls them and their capabilities.


If you suffer from mental illness I would love to hear your story, your business successes and how mental illness has had an impact, whether negative or positive. How have you overcome hurdles presented and what techniques and tools do you use to keep your mental illness in check to enable you to build your business.

Spread the love

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