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Freelance marketing consultant offering done for you or with you marketing and website strategy and management services.

As a mum starting or growing a work-from-home business, you may be wearing many hats, often they are not all your areas of expertise either. Why not outsource your strategy or even marketing and web management to a freelance marketing consultant. If you need help getting things done in your business whether that be the strategy and planning or the actual doing I would love to chat and see how my freelance marketing and web consulting and management services can help. You can take me on as an extra pair of hands to wear one of your many hats or as an adviser for a specific project.

Marketing and Business Strategy

I have years of experience in business and marketing strategy, working in various different industries in both the business to customer and business to business areas, in national and international markets. I have invested a lot of time in furthering my skills and learning to develop a wide breadth of knowledge in what makes a successful business. As a freelance marketing consultant, I use my well rounded experience in all areas of the business from operations, to finance, through to marketing, sales and customer service to help my clients create a road map for their business that takes into account how all functions work together to create a recipe for success. I am also extremely process driven and can help you cut down your work load through efficient systems, processes and automation to make life easier for you, so that working your business is less hustle and more fun.

Marketing and Website Management

If you're struggling under the strain of wearing all of the business hats, or maybe marketing and website management just isn’t your forte, I can help.  I can help with everything from content creation and copy writing, through to social media scheduling, website management and content updates. I have experience in the full marketing mix for both online and offline channels so can offer a well rounded programme of freelance marketing services. Hire me as your wing-woman for a one off project or on going marketing and website support.

Customer Journeys and UX

My passion is inbound and content marketing that is lead by the customer and what they want.  All too often small businesses make the mistake of just marketing for their own agenda and lose sight of the customer and what they want or need. If you truly align your marketing efforts to ensure you are serving your customer and at the same positioning yourself or your brand as the expert in your field you can be strides ahead of competitors in your field. Sharing your knowledge, answering your potential customers questions and create a great buying experience, choosing to purchase from you will be an easy decision. I love planning and creating online journeys that give your potential customers and customers the best experience of buying your products or services. I can help you asses and map your current or new website user experience, creating high performing inbound marketing journeys, powered by valuable and useful content that help you bring in quality leads which are more engaged with you and your brand, resulting in a higher conversion rate. More sales for you.

Your Investment

In order to build your business there is always going to be some form of investment.  More often than not there will be a financial investment needed, but there will always be the need for the investment of time and commitment.  I understand that money is often tight when you start a family and there may not be a lot in the budget for your business, that’s why I try to keep my service costs reasonable and I will always be fair and give even more value to my clients that what I charge. If you don’t need it, I won’t suggest it.  If you can’t do everything in one go, we will work out a plan to get you started with what you can afford. If you are going to spend the money you need to ensure you squeeze every bit of goodness out of your investment. So when you work with me you need to come prepared, committed and willing to invest the time needed to make your financial investment worthwhile. I am a Mum too, so I know that time is often limited and your are likely to be being pulled in lots of different directions, so we will work flexibly together to find a plan that works for us both and to ensure that you get the time to work on your business without sacrificing the time with your family.

The Process

Step 1

Once you email me, I will email you with dates and times to book in for a free discovery call.  The call will enable me to learn more about your business and for me to see if we are a good fit. You will be sent a quick questionnaire to complete before hand giving me a brief outline on your business, your current challenges and your requirements. I will review this along with any existing website and social media channels before we talk.

Step 2

On the 45 minute call we will discuss your requirements further, whether you are looking for help with a one off project, management services or a strategy session. We will also discuss the short and long term goals for your business to ensure that I get a full picture of where you want to be. It may be at this stage that we agree there is a more pressing or effective project that would make a huge difference to your business.

Step 3

I will then put together a proposal with the breakdown of work that we discussed along with a full quote for you to review. If you wish to move forward we will then agree the what, when and how of your project or ongoing work and I will draw up a full plan and timeline.  Once you are happy with the quote and details of the work, I will send you a contract to review, sign and send back. And then the fun starts.

Step 4

Once we start working together I will keep in regular contact with you via email and planned Skype calls so we can discuss the progress and work together collaboratively. Each project is different so sometimes we will need to speak more regularly and for others we will communicate as and when needed. We will review the results regularly to ensure we are on the right track and that we are achieving your business aims.

Stephanie Alexander

Why Hire Me

So if we are going to work together, you may want to know a bit more about my experience and qualifications and why I am able to help you:

  • Over 12 years experience in marketing and business
  • Experience marketing for both service and product based businesses
  • Expert in marketing and business strategy
  • Experience in web management, email marketing, automation, social media, content creation, CRM and data management
  • Passion for inbound and content led marketing
  • Level 2 certificate in business start up
  • Organisation and productivity wiz
  • Total tech geek from websites through to, automation and productivity apps
  • Experience working in operations, finance, warehousing, buying, R&D, customer services, logistics
  • I'm a Mum too, I understand the need for flexibility, balance and a business that allows you to work while looking after little ones

One Off Project

From £75

One off projects start from £75

dependant on the type of project and work

contact me below for a specific project quote

On Going Services

From £150 per month

On going work at £25 per hour

on a retainer basis, min of 4 hours per month

for a specific quote contact me below


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