Inbound & Content Marketing 101
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My passion is content led marketing. Why you might ask? Well, it just makes sense…

  1. It puts your customer at the forefront of everything you do and create
  2. Less interruptive and intrusive than traditional methods
  3. If you create the right content it will position you as an expert in your field
  4. Organically attracts leads and nurtures them through to conversions
  5. Creates brand trust, followers, advocates and loyal fans and customers
  6. You can implement a content led marketing strategy with little to no budget
  7. It is scalable and will enable you to grow you business
  8. It’s not about pushy sales techniques and giving the hard sell
  9. The more value you add the more of a return you will see


Content led marketing for me covers 2 areas, Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing, but what are they?

Inbound Marketing:

“A strategy that focuses on attracting customers, or leads organically, via original tailored content, attracting potential customers to your company and products rather than marketers vying for their attention.”

Content Marketing:

“A type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material, such as videos, blogs, and social media posts, that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services”

When thinking about them you should see it as Inbound AND Content marketing, not OR as you need to use both simultaneously to be successful. Inbound marketing is a string of principles and techniques used to attract leads to your content and to nurture through to conversions. Content marketing is a subset if you like of creating and distributing rich valuable content. 

Content Marketing is about creating content which is tailored to your target market, related to your products and services, taking into account their needs/motivations/challenges/opportunities and answering them with valuable content.  The job of Inbound Marketing theory is to promote and deliver this content to the right people at the right time, converting them to your list and then nurturing them to point of purchase and beyond.


Inbound and Content marketing are very much about a long term commitment.  You are trying to position yourself as expert and build trust to ultimately drive revenue.  Your vehicle to do this is through progressive content that will take your audience on a journey until the point that they are ready to buy.  You must create engaging and useful content in various mediums to reach your target audience for the awareness stage, and then develop the relationship through to the consideration and decision stages.  Through using techniques such as SEO, content optimisation and promotion consistently, you will build a following and a loyal customer base, but it takes time.  In order to be successful you must focus on serving your audience, not revenue to build your position as a trusted expert. 

"Content marketing is a long term relationship. It's not a one night stand."

- Unknown


All too often entrepreneurs spend so much time creating great content, but don’t put as much importance on getting it out there. Ultimately you can create as much content as you like, but if you don’t put it and yourself out there, non one will ever appreciate it. The great thing about Inbound and Content Marketing is that they don’t rely heavily on paid ads and marketing techniques, you can use these methods to promote your content but there are also lots of other organic ways to use instead.  From networking on and offline through to workshops, video, webinars and guest blogs, there are loads of ways to get your content seen and to start positioning yourself as the expert in your field, which don’t require huge marketing investment.  What they do require is work and consistent commitment to build up your content machine, but once you have your strategy devised and implemented and it will become the norm, you will start to see results and momentum will begin to grow.


For more on Inbound and Content Marketing check out my blog.  Plus, this April I will be launching The Content Hub, a monthly subscription membership site, with courses and resources added each month to help you up skill with the tech side of marketing and to teach you Inbound and Content Marketing strategies and techniques to grow your business.  With a low monthly cost you don’t need to worry about huge training investment and you will be learning marketing techniques that are completely budget friendly so you can grow your business with as little or as much marketing investment as you like. Sign up to The Content Hb wait list today, to be the first to be notified when enrolment opens and take advantage of my VIP early bird offer.


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