Stephanie Alexander
Marketing and business development consultant Stephanie Alexander

A Marketing and business development consultant helping mums like you set up a work-from-home business

I'm a marketing and business development consultant specialising in business setup, growth and marketing  for business mums. With over 13 years experience in business and marketing in the corporate world and now working with my own personal clients; Mums who want to set up and grow their own work-from-home business to replace their income so they don't have to return to work after maternity leave.  I am also a first time Mum to a baby boy, so I know first hand the challenges that you are facing as a Mum setting up and growing your own online business.

I really understand how starting and bringing up a family can make you re-think your career and work life balance. It's been my dream to be a mum as long as I can remember and setting up my own home based business has always been the ideal path for me, but fear and doubt kept holding me back. Then when I found out we were expecting our first child, my priorities and 'why' came strongly back into focus, making it more pressing to try and risk failure, than not try and never know.

I have worked for various different brands in both B2B and B2C marketing and website management.  I also set up and ran the new online home interiors brand on behalf of my employer. I chose the name and product range, I developed brand concepts, set up all operations, processes and procedures, managed the budgets, finance and devised and implemented the marketing strategy. And I learnt a hell of a lot about business along the way.

I am completely self taught in marketing, business and website management, learning from the ground up after completing my degree in performing arts.  I have gained a huge breadth of experience from each role as well as my own self development and self led study, including offline, digital, email, inbound, content, SaaS and social media marketing.  I am not a developer or coder but I am proficient in web design and have used many different web CMS systems to build and maintain my own websites, clients websites and that of my employers. I am passionate about sharing my skills to help others build their dreams life.

"If you don't design you own life plan, chances are you will fall into some else's Plan. And Guess what they have planned for you? Not much!"

- Jim Rohn

I am passionate about entrepreneurship, creativity, technology and marketing and I have loads of skills and experience to share. I just knew that I had to follow my passions and use my skills to help other mums and future mums like you. I want to help you to manufacture a freedom business that offers a flexible, family orientated life without having to invest huge sums at the beginning when funds may be tight.

Another area of passion for me is mental health and well being.  I have personally suffered on and off with anxiety since my teens and depression kicked in for a 3 year period in 2015 pretty badly.  I have undertaken CBT counselling and I strive everyday to work on my mental health using mindfulness practices and different exercises to help me manage my anxiety. It's an ongoing work in progress for me as I know it is for others who suffer, but thankfully I am able to keep the black hole at bay with the support of my wonderful hubby, friends and family.  I am a very open person and am not ashamed to talk about my struggle with my mental demons.  I believe the more we talk about the struggles the more we help ourselves and inspire others to do the same. If I have techniques that help me to cope with day to day life, business and motherhood, I will absolutely share them on my blog, content and videos to help you too. Mental health is important and no matter the scale in which it impacts our lives, we should all work on it on a daily basis to achieve the best quality of life we can.

Marketing and business development consultant

Finding your niche and understanding what you want your business to be and who you want to serve is a journey.  My business has certainly evolved since starting out and it will continue to evolve as I progress and expand. Its a process, not a destination.  I love helping people to reach their full potential, something I really discovered that I was good at throughout my various roles in the corporate world. I am extremely intuitive and can really read people, instinctively getting a feel for where they are at and then helping them discover what they want for their future. Something I knew I wanted to do within my business. From teaching myself the skills I have in marketing and business, I know that knowledge really is power. Absolutely anyone can develop their skills in anything they set their mind to.

Courses and training can be expensive and something completely out of reach when you start your business.  It is absolutely a worth while investment, but that won't change your available budget if you just don't have the funds. I started out with very little to invest in my business too.

I created my blog and resource library to offer free online mini courses and resources to help you learn the skills needed to run and market your business. My signature course the Freedom Future Factory is under construction and will soon be bringing you affordable training, a step by step guide to business setup, growth and beyond. Add yourself to my wait list to be the first to hear when course enrolment opens. In the meantime checkout the Business and Babies Blog and sign up to my free business resources library to get free downloads, videos and more.