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In order to find your niche and develop your products and services it is essential that you have a clear understanding of who your target audience are.  Customer profiling and creating avatars is the best way to get a clear picture of your customers.

If you already have an audience who you can profile, it will give you a great start.  Sending out a survey is an cheap and easy way to find out more about your audience, such as their demographics, their life and business status, their needs, challenges and goals for the future. It's also worth asking your audience about your business and how they perceive you at the same time. Survey Monkey or Type Form both have free options to send out short surveys. 

Once you have you data, or if you are starting completely from scratch,  you should create separate customer avatars to represent your audience.  Avatars are fictional characters or customer that represent your brands ideal prospect. The avatar will help you picture and piece together your potential customer beliefs, motivations and challenges, so that you can better serve them with your content, products and services.  Creating your avatars is a big part of the Inbound and Content Marketing process as it allows you to understand the questions or needs that prospects may have so that you can map your customer journey and create targeted content that answers their questions and addresses their needs.



  1. Firstly do your market research

Profile your current customer and potential customer base, as well as doing other research through networking, social media groups and platforms and also looking at your competitors.

 2.  Summarise the data and separate your types of customer

Use the data that you have collected to then briefly summarise and separate the different types of customers that you are targeting. For example if you are targeting mums you may have an avatar of a single mum, a new mum, a mum of toddlers, mum with teenage children.  They may have things in common, but they will also have different motivations, challenges and needs. It can also be beneficial to create a negative avatar, the kind of person that you are not targeting.

3. Name you avatar

Naming you avatars will help you build more of a mental picture and relate to them, finding a picture reference can also help.

4. Complete an overview

Complete an overview detailing demographic such as gender, age, locations and life status, as well was there interests, beliefs, work and income, challenges, goals, motivations and needs.  You can download a free avatar template in my free Resource Library.

5. Create a visual avatar board

Sometimes creating more of a visual representation of your customers can really help you step into their shoes and get crystal clear on what they need and how you can serve them. Create a Pinterest board or word document of pictures that represent each of your avatars and their lives. Having the boards printed out and on display in your work space will also help keep your customers top offend and at the centra of everything you create and offer.

6. Write their story

To understand how your avatars would interact and engage with your brand and products, write a small story about how they came across your business, why they were looking for you, how they were feeling, how they felt when they found your, what content they would engage with and what products they would choose and why. How did they feel once they had purchased.

7. Re-visit your avatars regularly

When planning content and expanding your business, re-vist your avatars and use them to check that what you are creating and developing would serve your customer.  It maybe that this move may not serve your current customer, but you have made a conscious choice to move into targeting an additional audience or a new audience altogether.  If that is the case ensure you create a new avatar.  If your audience evolves, update your avatars accordingly to keep a clear vision in mind when creating your content and services.


Sign up to my free Resource Library to download an avatar template and to access even more resources to help you grow your business. 


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